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At Karisani, we translate business requirements and solving business problems through technology. Karisani is start-up business in ICT (Information Communication Technology) services and solutions. We enable our clients to grow their businesses by enhancing service and solutions. We enable our clients to grow their businesses by enhancing processes and systems which empowers our clients to make meaningful management decisions and operate their businesses effectively. Our innovations and entrepreneurial experience enable us to consistently develop solutions to our client's business problems. We also create innovative IT solutions to help our clients to get the most out of their people and processes. The strategy we employ is to define the core competencies in our clients businesses and work side by side with our clients to leverage opportunities using enabled technologies.



"We tasked Karisani with a near-impossible challenge of a project written by another development team on an old code base. They tackled the task head-on and got themselves up to speed on the code very quickly. They were prompt in their responses and clear in their communications. Net result was a working and updated product and a happy client. Stellar performance under very difficult circumstances. Definitely a team you can depend on in a pinch!" - : ESPEN Project